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Alaska Peninsula Steelhead trip video

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X-Treme Alaska Peninsula Steelhead video

Just wanted to share a recent video from this fall with me and 2 friends and fellow Alaska guides, this was our end of the season fun trip for the 3 of us. Hope you enjoy swinging for Wild Steelhead as much as we do. Myself, Chad and Russell spent a week together on a world class Steelhead float trip catching 10-18 lb Wild Steelhead,4-15 miles from the ocean. I wanted to share with people the true scope of getting to these remote areas 600 miles sw of Anchorage with the nearest dirt road 300 miles away. Will be doing it again next fall for 3 weeks if anyone else wants to join us for a week.
Part 1

Part 2
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No need to get defensive and start name calling. It sounds like you know better when it comes to fish handling, or at least you should.

Sure seems like a lot of self promotion for a non-sponsor
Interesting point. I was assuming that this was just some guides on a trip not a business venture.

AleutianSteel - is this post advertising for paid trip? No problem if it is but unless you are a sponsor you can't advertise here on the Speypages.
This one is closed down. For explanation, see other thread in the Destinations forum.
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