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Alaska Peninsula Steelhead trip video

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X-Treme Alaska Peninsula Steelhead video

Just wanted to share a recent video from this fall with me and 2 friends and fellow Alaska guides, this was our end of the season fun trip for the 3 of us. Hope you enjoy swinging for Wild Steelhead as much as we do. Myself, Chad and Russell spent a week together on a world class Steelhead float trip catching 10-18 lb Wild Steelhead,4-15 miles from the ocean. I wanted to share with people the true scope of getting to these remote areas 600 miles sw of Anchorage with the nearest dirt road 300 miles away. Will be doing it again next fall for 3 weeks if anyone else wants to join us for a week.
Part 1

Part 2
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Thanks, gor the post. Trip certainly looks epic.

Next time please keep the fish in water when taking photos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or even better yet, please land fishes in knee high water (with net) if your intent is to C&R... :)
Fyi: What no one saw was all the other fish we never video'd or took pics of and ever even touched them, sorry guys as a few of the first ones that we landed, in all the excitement things got the better of us, and we normally don't beat up our fish like that, thats all i can say is sorry we are not perfect like so many of you experts on here that are so quick to make judgements against anyone thats not in the good ole boys club. Next year ill make a proper how to handle fish video when we are catching our Steelhead.
Not sure about the good ole boys club, coz I sure ain't in it. :chuckle:
Just a gentle reminder that your epic video will be seen by many, and unfortunately many will not understand the importance of proper C&R technique. All that they will see is an group of Guides catching steelheads, and as they say…. monkey see… monkey do. For sure **** sometimes happen when the adrenaline is pumping, but as good stewards of the river maybe more selective editing will be a better way of documenting this part of your trip. I know that as a consumer, I would never spend money with a guide outfit that shows trophy shots of steelheads being lifted out of water (and to my nature, I won't even inform the offenders why they lost my business). But maybe that's just me… :)
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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