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Alaska Peninsula Steelhead trip video

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X-Treme Alaska Peninsula Steelhead video

Just wanted to share a recent video from this fall with me and 2 friends and fellow Alaska guides, this was our end of the season fun trip for the 3 of us. Hope you enjoy swinging for Wild Steelhead as much as we do. Myself, Chad and Russell spent a week together on a world class Steelhead float trip catching 10-18 lb Wild Steelhead,4-15 miles from the ocean. I wanted to share with people the true scope of getting to these remote areas 600 miles sw of Anchorage with the nearest dirt road 300 miles away. Will be doing it again next fall for 3 weeks if anyone else wants to join us for a week.
Part 1

Part 2
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Next time please keep the fish in water when taking photos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fyi: What no one saw was all the other fish we never video'd or took pics of and ever even touched them, sorry guys as a few of the first ones that we landed, in all the excitement things got the better of us, and we normally don't beat up our fish like that, thats all i can say is sorry we are not perfect like so many of you experts on here that are so quick to make judgements against anyone thats not in the good ole boys club. Next year ill make a proper how to handle fish video when we are catching our Steelhead.

As for top water most of the fish were holding in 5-6 ft deep runs and the water actually was rather dirty except for the real shallow slow water on the inside bends and gravel bars, The fishing was a little slower than normal due to high dirty water so we just dredged em up. I guess i didn't have the confidence or will to top water fish all week, but next year i will take your pattern from your blog and try it. Thanks for asking

Dear Sink tip and Chumbum, The post Is pretty self explanatory, I was simply putting up some video and pics of our DYI trip that we did, that i thought many would like to see, If the video seems too commercial or offensive sorry for that as It wasn't meant to be and we are nobly human and make mistakes, just very proud of our accomplishments and that we pulled it off in such a remote area with tough logistics.

Not sure why I'm being singled out as a guide as Many of the videos posted in your forum on the videos page are very commercial in nature with well known professional guides and or paid filming crews posting them for self promotion in some way soft advertising with logos, and the sponsors from many of the top companies in the industry, what about them.

For example Todd Moen and Brian Okeefe have a commercial business that is not a sponsor here but there videos are left on without any discussion, or some of the oversees video's from other guides and outfitters that are not sponsors, Along with many of the rod and Reel companies that have there pro production teams pumping out and post here regularly. No where in my public post did i advertise anything.

If you feel I publicly crossed the sponsorship line in any way I'm sorry and will make sure that it does not happen again, its just a shame to get verbally attacked by numerous members of the forum when they don't have all the facts, and I can't defend myself. There are many other members on the forum that are full time guides, magazine contributors, commercial video production co's, commercial fly tiers, all doing the same thing posting pics and videos and not paid sponsors and can post or have there friends or guests post for them, the real question is where is the line. And is it selective enforcement.

According to your rules and my post i did not publicly advertise or solicit anything from anyone on your forum only posted some great pics and videos that many people enjoyed and will never have the chance to experience this wonderful place except through my eyes or someone else's video.

It is clear that there are some very uptight members that can't stand the fact that we pulled this off and camped on a couple good runs and caught lots of there fish that they wanted and we will do it again next year. Sorry we interrupted there $6,700 a week stay at the Sandy river lodge with our visual pollution, the river isn't exclusive like many think, in reality its a public state owned river accessible to anyone with a raft and airplane charter.

if anyone on the forum wants any info on how they can do the same trip DIY I would be more than glad to assist them free of charge to float the Sandy River 312 miles Sw of King Salmon during late Sept through mid Oct on the Alaska Peninsula, there is a small landing strip at the FG cabin 2 miles below the lake 800ft long and the lower strip also has public access to get picked up and is 2500ft long the total float is around 12 miles look for the footprints in the sand and camp there.

In closing if this is against the commercial advertising rules please show me where the rules state giving free advice and explaining a trip in detail and making a video and posting it of 3 guides on there own with no clients is against the rules.

Helping Steelhead have a bad day since 1985.

Thats all Sincerely Charlie
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