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Alaska West is a tent lodge located 6 miles from the mouth of the Kanektok
River in Southwest Alaska. The Kanektok hosts all five species of Pacific
Salmon, as well as rainbow trout, dolly varden and grayling.

King season on the Kanektok provides a unique opportunity to target bright,
aggressive fish that love swung flies. The lower river's long, broad gravel
bars are a particularly good fit for the spey rod. Due to the mix of a
great king fishery and excellent spey water, Alaska West runs a spey
instruction program during its prime king season from June 12 to July 14.
In addition to its normal fishing program, guest spey instructors provide
seminars after dinner, and are available for 'ride-along' instruction
throughout the fishing day. More information is available at

Sounds like an awesome trip and I know they had some great spey casters doing the instruction last year. A great opportunity to catch some chrome kings and beef up on your spey casting.



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