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Offering a few sets of Agate stripping guides for sale for the Rod Builder/Maker

These are Agate guides in Chromed brass (Not N/S) frames. I have 10 sets of 2 guides each. The guides are 12mm and 16mm size (this is the OD of the agate ring) ID of the guides is 8.2mm and 10.3 mm respectively. The colors of the stones range from a darker red to amber and I will do my best to match them for you as I can, but they are natural and a perfect match is difficult. please specify if you would like more on the red sid of the spectrum or more toward the amber and I will choose accordingly

Offered at $27 per set. Shipping is included in Can/US
Payment via PayPal

Please respond by EMAIL not PM to [email protected] if you would like a set.

Thanx for looking.

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