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ACR Nova 7130 Lines

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I have just picked up an ACR Nova 7130 from a fellow pages member and I am looking for input on lines and weights. Please let me know what this rod likes. Specifically which Rage, scandi and I am also interesting in a Nextcast Winter Authority?

Many Thanks
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A great rod,you won't be disappointed.I fish scandi lines and this rod excels at that.Airflo compact scandi 450 and Rio Steelhead scandi 450 are my favourites.If you like things light the 435 Steelhead Scandi is also excellent.I've also tried the Vision 8/9.Rio AFS 7/8 and Ballistic Express 7/8,all good.
Tight Lines
I'm fishing a 420 rage and 450 compact scandi i think. It really tosses the 390 rage as well though, makes the rod a lot faster for summer work. winter i use a compact skagit 420 i think.
Ill double check that, but Novas are fantastic rods
Thank you for all of the information and input. I will start trying out some different lines
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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