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Selling my Abel BIG-GAME 5 Reel.—This large 5in. Reel was produced mainly for larger salt water animals like Tuna, marlin, etc.—It is also an excellent and popular choice to use on longer 15-18ft Spey Rods.—Weight as listed on the Abel website is 18oz DRY.—It is loaded with a MEGA amount of 30 lb. Chartruse backing as seen.—The reel has been converted to RIGHT hand crank by replacing the disc drag plate.—The original LEFT hand crank drag plate will also be included for you lefties.—The reel balances out my Bruce & Walker 16ft Norway Perfect.—Reel is in excellent+ condition both cosmetically and mechanically.—I just returned from Norway, and never had the opportunity to use the reel, as the river was at a “Historical low” flow, and it was not necessary to bomb out super-long casts on the generally wide Gaula river.—When I got home, I discovered that the reel FOOT was slightly bent during the journey, even though it was in the pouch thanks to TSA—I tried to straighten out, but buggered it up, so I have a NEW foot on the way from Abel. —The original foos said #553 USA, which will not be shown on the new reel Foot.———————$410 inc FREE shipping in CUSA— PayPal please!—Others will pay extra based on my cost over CUSA USA shipping—More pictures can be sent if necessary.

Durango, Colorado


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