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just came from a wonderful afternoon wedding of a good friend and close steelhead partner, and wanted to throw up a Macallen to the gjods of mojo in this cruddy bastard's honor...

44 years old, he is, and can still outhike most. a fine caster and tier of flies, always thinking and wondering "What if?". the first American to land a steelhead on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula and so many more stateside before and after.

squandered many an opportunity for worldy success in leu of chasing the elusive perfect, but it mattered not. sometimes, more often than not, he was there when they were there. lives interesected. hooks were buried, memories etched.

cursed for certain by these fish and for a hundred lifetimes, but one hell of a fisherman and good man, all around. i sincerly thank this fella for being a friend and inspiration. and borrowing me polar bear when my stash runs out!

found him a strong, beautiful, sweet river girl that understands—if not encourages—this life, so he's one lucky man.

to the good times, Captain Mishler! may we swing many a fly more, toast many a skunking together and someday, our lousy dogs might jump a few birds in the meantime.

this is what life's about. and this man has lived well.

the Reverend.
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