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Have some questions regarding fishing licences in canada. 1)DO fishing licences for foreigners allow them to fish anywhere or are they specific to one body of water or region for that province?
2)are fishing licences available in different lengths of time like one day, two days,season tickets,etc.
3)are fishermen required to bid on or make reservations to fish certain beats of different rivers?
I'll leave it at that for now.I have more questions :confused: but i'll ask them later.
Have life goals to obtain on one or five or six of your rivers maybe ten :) . sights set on fly-in-float-out trips with inflateables for salmonids.have to start planning somewhere.input info hugely appreciated.

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My years as a Canadian resident were short as a kid but I love to fish there whenever I can... this information varies by province, even within regions inside of provinces, by river... etc.

Any specifics on province, river, species would help answer the question... some places are pull-over-and-fish, while others require guides and lotteries to gain access.

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Juro is right, the regulations will be different for each Province. For BC the answer is that in general your license is good for any waters. In some cases additional fees are required for Special Waters and in one case (the Dean) foreign anglers must enter a lottery. We do have licenses available on short term - one day three day etc, but for the visiting angler the longer or seasonal ones may be better.

I suggest that you conatact one of the Forum sponsor fly shops like Michael & Young, Anglers West or Whistler Flyfishing (their numbers can be found in the Sponsors link at the top of the page) to get more specific information.

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Bonjour Jake!!

I can give information for the Québec Salmon rivers:

The license:
You can obtain 3 different types:

1: A catch and release license ( $ 10.25 CAN) All fish must be released.
( this license is good on all salmon rivers in Québec ( for the season)

2: One day "keep" license. ($ 31.50 CAN) They give you a license with a "Tag". You must give a date you will fish and you are allowed one salmon ( if that river permits to keep). If you did not use the "tag", then if you want to fish the next day, you will have to buy a new one... ( can be very expensive!!)

3: last, you can buy a "7 tag" seasonal license..permits you to keep 7 salmon on
the whole Québec rivers / season. ( $ 112.00 CAN)

So, for starts you need one of the above to fish Québec Salmon rivers.

Next!, Fishing sectors:

Well first, I must tell you guides are not required in Québec...... You can either fish on your own, hire a guide service or go through a lodge where all is included ( meals guide, waters etc....)

To obtain waters:

Here on the Gaspé peninsula ( for example): you can obtain waters through a pre-season draw ( held every November 1) ...... You are allowed to put 10 inscriptions / river. If your name is drawn, then you are allowed 2 anglers for 2 days on a reserved sector. (most rivers operate like this.....)

You can also obtain waters through a 48hr draw( meaning, if you want to fish JUne 4, for example...the draw will be held June 2nd) .if you win, you are alllowed 2 anglers on a reserved sector....

A last way to obtain waters is ( no draw!)....many rivers offer sectors where no reservatons are needed..and you know, all the fish must pass through these sectors ( so you'd be surprise the catches!!)

Atlantic Salmon Fishing season in Gaspé:
June 1 to September 30

If you have any more questions..please do not hesitate!!

Au Revoir!!


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A thankyou note

WOW! thanks you guys,that was an awsome outpour of info.Peter thanks for the link ,btw your streamer site rocks, thanks for that.
Ann , Atlantic salmon are definitely on the list, I'll get there eventually. :)
leftcoast steelhead,kings,and silvers and exploring as much country as i can is the plan. could take a couple years to get my act together but it will happen.This years fishing/windsurfing trip is in the ABC islands (aruba ,bonaire,and curacao) off the coast of Venesuela, could mean shots at sailfish :smokin: definetly dorado.
I'll have more questions as i get my act closer together.
Whistler, I'll call you some time this week,thanks for the e-mail.
Thanks again you guys,Juro,Kush big help!
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