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A new way to tie "Willie Guns." Mike Hanks, aka

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"Eugene" on the board sent me a few of his version of a willie gun done on a single hook. I can guarentee these buggers work!!

Hook appears to be a size 2x #4.
Underbody is wted with fine wire (start in the middle, work up to the eye, then back to the top of the bend of the hook. This will give you a tappered body. Body is black floss with a thin copper wire rib.
(And now for the WOW part of the fly)

The 'wing,' rather than being done with hair is stacked red, yellow and black maribu. Mike takes sections from the tip end of the feather so it's not so fluffy and stack ties the colours.

This version of the Willie was a total killer for both steelhead and our fall kings. (Mine were done with 'hair' rather than the maribu) When Mike and family were down in our area he almost got spooled twice by large kings using this fly.

Try this for your winter fishing; it's a killer and easy to tie.
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I believe you but I am not convinced the GL winter steelhead will be and that is what counts. :)
Ye of little faith!

Go ahead and tie a couple up ..... I said the same thing about these on the Rogue. God was I wrong!
And I thought I was being radical

by using artic fox instead of bucktail, but maribu thats a new one.

Maybe I will, but with the new wired body technology you know are now in prototype stage. :devil:
Sounds interesting I can think of other uses for this fly.
Picture of It


If you have any left, please post a picture so we can better see what it looks like.
Just got 4 of them from Mike in todays mail so I'll

toss the picture deal to the JoanMeister. She's the didgital guru at home. I'm still a 35mm kind of guy.
To me this fly is a salt water shrimp fly which is appropriate for UK and US atlantic salmon fisherman and PNW saltwater steelhead fisherman to use. However our great lakes fresh water steelhead feed on fresh water shrimp which are different in color and size, etc... Accordingly, I do not see it as a high probability fly here in great lakes excepts perhaps as a general color ful searching fly which may irritate a steelhead into attacking.

BTW, I have my own great lakes shrimp patterns one of which is also an imitator of one of our other primary food sources, so this fly imitates two nymph species our steelhead love. It is now my secret weapon, you know my go to fly and the one to always start the day with.

PM Out
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