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I was out jamming with Canadian casting master and GLoomis rep Chris Seipio this past Sunday and he showed me a cast that he had come up with while fishing heavy sink tips with a two hander. While double speying Chris found that the tips sank too much by the time he swung his rod around to form his D, so he compensated by executing an abbreviate double spey. Rather than laying line upstream of him, after his lift Chris would quickly toss a loop of line upstream but before it fell to the water he would use this line to form his D and make his cast. The first time he did it I thought it was a snake roll, but then watched it again and found that it was very different. This is a very cool cast and it works very much like the snake but without the roll of the rod tip.

Anyways, I haven't seen anyone do this move in the form of a cast before--have you?

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Wish you could have gotten it on video.
Sound like a nice way to work with the Long belly or even short one.

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Pretty cool - a "dynamic" double! I'll give it a try.

On topic, I'd like to ask the community if these two casts have been seen before or are they new:

1) The zig zag cast
From the dangle, instead of throwing the starter loop upriver throw it straight outward in the intended direction, never letting it touch the water then pull back against that energy into a d-loop and fire when the grip touches down.

It's the same principle as snake roll except the initial pulley wheel (in the metaphor of two pulley wheels in this type of spey cast) is thrown straight forward instead of rolled. It's similar to the "dynamic double" Dana described but the starter loop goes out and on the same side of the caster before firing.

2) Snake-poke
From the dangle, roll a light snake and instead of throwing back into a big d-loop bring the bottom hand to the opposite hip in a Skagit style and allow the perry poke formation to occur. Then complete in standard perry poke fashion. The advantage is that the 'fold' in the perry poke is all one motion from the dangle on the right bank for righty casting, and of course the complement is true for lefty casting.

Thanks for your feedback.

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A New Cast/ CPO

Hi Dana
I was talking with Chris the other night, he mentioned how much he enjoyed casting with you. I agree with you that he is a master with a fly rod, and he's humble to boot. Which brings me to my point, we should call this cast the CPO after the guy that invented it "Chris Seipio". My only question to Chris would be if we should do it while listing to HIP/HOP (inside joke)
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