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A major 'tip of the hat' to a VERY good Friend: J D (Jim) Jones.

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My last try trip was mid-September of 2013 and made it (almost) to the end of my street and 'Self to Self' you're sicker than a bucket of SH!T. All down hill from there including 3 stops in a Hospital bed (plus two trips to the ER). The 'first last trip' I couldn't even get my waders on before I was tossing my cookies; all down hill from there. :saevilw:

Yesterday was a beautiful early Fall day and Jim on the phone; 'WHEN THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND GO FISHING???'

Man was dead on right, I'd become 'house bound.' Last couple of months of that was self imposed as I felt sorry for myself? Probably save for legs are still so weak standing/walking was 'limited.' But again, a get off your ass and just take short walks to build up your legs.

"I'll see you in 20 minutes!"

I couldn't get the rod racks on the jeep fast enough.

Thank you Jim for a swift kick in the butt.

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wont take no for an answer. thats a true freind.
An "experienced" gentleman explained to me that an acquaintance would call a lawyer for you, a friend would post your bail, and a true friend would say, from the jail cell, "man, did we tie one on last night!"

Tie one on, you two!
Fred I wish I had some friends like that out here but the closest river is about 3 hours away! Good to see you getting out there I'm sure the fish missed you dearly.

Take your time and have fun!!!!

Hi Fred,

Is there going to be a fishing report? Tell JD that our trip to your area is still on and that I'll be looking to meet you guys while in the same town :)
Denmon bar is a 2hander tossing love fest.

Every fish moving into the upper 30'ish miles of the Rogue has to go through that long stretch of water. But not yesterday...... that either Jim or I could 'prove.' :rolleyes:

But a wonderful afternoon topped off with a shared Non-allie bottle of Beck's beer. More than a few times when 'Doggie-Dogs,' now both passed, would go down to the river and the rods wouldn't come off the Jeep. Just the three of us watch the water move by. Pass out doggie treat munchies. Two hundred plus of Dogs .. look at you, look at the treat bag, look back at you, look at .. .you get the idea. Which is probably why both clocked in at 100'ish pounds.

Well, Sandy the Yellow Lab, did 'demand' that tennis balls be tossed into the stream. Husky would 'wade' up to his tummy, above that was 'an assault to/on his perceived dignity.' A bath was a surprise bucket of river water. :eek:

Fun to sit and look at pictures that covered 11 years of my 'Good Guys.' Having a really BAD DAY? Go cuddle/take a nap curled up with 'Mr. Snuff and Mr. Snort.'

Good times, very good times.

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glad to hear you are out given em hell. good on ya
Well 'Giving them hell' would be an over statement at this point.

But half hour walk around the 'hood' this afternoon. God the legs hurt when I got back home. Guess when their main job was to get you into the bed or bath room for months .. that's to be expected.

Just walking shorts, white socks and shoes; walk in a warm sun on my back felt DAMNED GOOD! Had to keep my arms/hands spread out for balance .. probably looked like a hairless Gorilla, but walk I did.

Spent a bit of time thinking about my next 2hander, like I need one ...


Way to get after 'em! You and this guy would make a formidable duo.

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Not quite that bad, but closer than I'd wish.

Way to get after 'em! You and this guy would make a formidable duo.

For years, the first thing that went into the water was my solid one bit lead weighted staff. Having your 'balance' go to hell in a hand-basket is a leaning curve. Walk now with my arms well out from my side to center my 'balance point.' Looks a bit odd to some, but to most they understand 'He's an old man.'

There is an 'up-side' when shopping in these huge stores .. and where the FU1K do a find cans of cranberry sauce? Ya, that was a real deal a few days back ... boxed dressing I had as well as sliced Turkey meat. A 'Manly-Man' sandwich for lunch.

Sandy my Yellow Lab now past, got at least half ... you could not ignore the EYES following the 'wich' from plate to mouth. God I loved that Doggie, unless impossible never went anywhere without him. WallyWorld 'classified' him as a "Service Dog" and no leash required. See a staff member and waive my hand in the air and 'Where do I find (short list of things) and 'Follow me Sir.' Sandy would just 'sit,' and follow along.

God I miss that Dog. Major part of my life for eleven years. Nothing beats a 'Mental Health Moment' (Get your Shxt together!) than hugging a Lab. Young 'un's, in sleeping bags, hugging/clinging to 100 pounds of "Understand" in their Tent; 'Perceived protection' from things that "Go bump in the night?"

Perhaps. :smokin:

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Good on you for getting out, Fred...and the fellow in the pic...both real fishermen...thanks for sharing...
Fred - you have such a great way with words. Very glad you're on the upswing. This place wouldn't be the same without you.
Was going to do a bit of fishing today .. until I opened the back of the Jeep.

Full on laundry basket stuffed with fishing 'stuff' and I have no idea what the hells in the thing. Well, the self inflating life vest I can figure out; beyond that who knows.

Soooo, sort I will do ... I may end up having a 'yard sale.' Can someone tell me why I purchased a 10' 3wt spey rod? At some point in time it probably sounded like a good idea.:rolleyes:

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