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Agreed, a very good article

One topic not addressed that deserves some air time is "If you're guiding, don't be a jerk to other anglers. We understand that you're trying to put your sport onto fish but not at the price being rude, low holing or begging other anglers to leave a spot because the client is having a tough day/ it's getting late/ this is the only place where he can reach the slot."

I've been the client and I've been the guy who is asked to move on, or told I was trespassing (who named you sheriff, particularly in jurisdictions where the state owns the river bottom or even when all land below normal high water is available to the public?), or had a guide place his client in spot A and then take the boat downstream 50 yards and stand in spot B to reserve it for his dude.

This past fall, I'd had enough and when the guide made no effort to take his boat behind where I was fishing, and instead turned his blue boat sideways through the run I said, "This terrible behavior is costing you money. Because if I'm sitting in the front of your boat, I'm embarrassed you tried to put the fish down with that move just because we're fishing gear. And clients talk. Nobody wants to fish with a guide who's a jerk. Think about." (By that time he was leaning into the oars and quite a way downstream so I stopped. Of course, we kept catching fish after resting the run for a few minutes. All he did was lively up a stretch that had been quieting down.)

* ** * *

I'm trying harder to bridge the gap between fly guys and gear fellows when I'm on the water. This past fall, the water was way too high for optimal fly fishing. I had a single handed 8 weight that never made it out of the rod case as the water was maybe a foot too high. Every time a fly fisherman came into water I was fishing, I invited him to fish below me or anywhere in the run, but "If you hook a steelhead below me, I'm going to come down and you can fish above me." A couple of fellows took me up on the offer. I had a fish on the line in a good spot and shouted out to the spey guy in the tailout to come on up and fish my spot. (It wasn't all used water: there was 20 yards or so of prime swinging water that hadn't seen gear . . . which was a drift fished fly in any event.) The fellow was so shocked he mumbled something about 'Needing to catch up with my friends' and he reeled up and left the hole while the fish was still on.

I was surprised at how nice most people were -- even fly guides -- if you made an offer of water. Not many people took it up. One geeky looking Euro Spey guy stepped and and POW, put a Perry Poke out about 110'. Wow.

It was an improved atmosphere. I'll be enlarging on the experiment next fall.:)
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