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A friendly reminder to speypages and speyclave readers that we are here due to the support of our sponsors and those members who subscribe to the speypages newsletter. From time-to-time some folks--most of whom are well-meaning--use this forum as a vehicle to promote various spey-related companies that are not speypages sponsors. As always, we ask that you encourage non-sponsors to contact us to arrange speypages/speyclave advertising. The yearly fee is very reasonable, and the exposure is second-to-none.

Most people honor this reasonable request and we appreciate their efforts; however, a few take advantage of this forum by finding "subtle" and not-so-subtle ways to continually promote non-sponsor businesses and/or products. When this happens we respectfully ask for them to cease this behaviour; alternatively we are pleased to accept their assistance in securing sponsorship. However, if they persist with unpaid advertising, ultimately we have no choice but to remove their site privileges.

Thanks to the continued support of speypages sponsors and members, speypages continues to be the #1 spey resource on the web!
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