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Hooks top to bottom

Mustad 36890 3/0 25 Pcs. $8 shipped

Mustad 36890 4 100 Pcs. $20 shipped

Hooks on the bottom are unidentified. They look like mustards to me with that big honkin' barb. Turns out some dingus put two sizes of hooks in the same box. I've attached a close-up pic with a 36890 size 4 for reference. There are 17 of the bigger random hooks and 20 of the little guys. Throw me $5 for the 17 and $6 for the 20, or $9 for both. That includes shipping.

Tying Stuffs

Pearsall's Gossamer silk claret...this is, as I found after ordering, not the stuff you use to make bodies on flies. It's basically thread. $5 shipped

Pearsall's Marabou silk. This is the stuff you use to make fly bodies. I just have an extra. $5 shipped.

Partridge 55mm V1B Waddington shanks. Black. $8 shipped.


Going to Alaska? Want to reap the benefits of plastic beads without having to admit that your methods are...unsound (name that book/movie!)? Take these flesh flies to fit in with the local hacks on the Kenai. Note the 3-stage dumbell eye flies in the bottom left. How cool would that look hanging from the brim of your hat when you waltz into the local bar?. These are all shop flies. 18 big boys and 7 little guys. $40 shipped.

And finally, flies for the salty stuff. Don't try throwing these with your 14' spey rod and clanky Hardy reels. Most of these are shop flies but there are a few that I tied. You'll know by the slightly fat amateurish head. They will still work. I promise. 40 flies total. $65 shipped for these fellers.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested in anything. I set prices that sounded fair to me but if you think I'm asking too much don't hesitate to make an offer.


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