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These flies were tied up this year as well. Mostly for fun but some for commission as well.
#1 - No name - 2 reworked vintage Mustad 10/0 hooks welded into a double. Main wing is 12 Wired Bird of Paradise secondary quills. Bugger to work with due to the insane curve on the rachis. One picture to show the shape, the other to show the violet iridescence in the 12 Wired.
#2 - The Alexandra variant - Tied on a 5/0 bronzed Mustad hook. Tip is flat silver tinsel, body is embossed silver tinsel counter ribbed with an oval gold tinsel. Throat is 2 Golden Pheasant rump feathers, and head is red wool.
#3 - Main wing is Easter Wild Turkey primary tips and the sides are Ocellated Turkey body feathers. The throat is Capercaillie undertail and rump feathers.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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