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24_7 - what size hook that tied on?:p
JTats you're tying some nice buggy stuff, tons o' movement I suspect
Your last set of pics are a lot better for close-ups. Did you try googling tricks for picture taking using iphones ?

If I was to tie a June bug fly it would have to be on a size 2 salmon hook at least. Those bugs are definitely not small.

here is a fly instead to show how well a properly used Macro can be. Hook is a size 16 scud hook. I use my phone almost exclusively for my picture taking

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These are tied on shanks with a #2 hook. The problem with photos are definetly my lighting. I'm noticing I get better shots when they are in the vice. I'll start posting the pics when the are fresh and messy in the vice.
Thanks for looking and I think I should get a lot of movement out of these.
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