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a Dunt of sorts

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One of my favorite, the Dunt (a variation)

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That's how it's done brother !!
Nice work Tim :smokin:
Beautifully sleek and sparse ... in old world fashion ... well done lad !!
This one is going to be followed ... and grabbed on the first line twitch :smokin:

I am normally very picky about a Dee having a super tightly dubbed body but for some reason I feel like the dint looks better a bit full. Exactly as you've done here! If this was posted on phantoms I would believe it was vintage, well done Tim! I guess I know what I'm tying tonight...
Tim.....Josh already said that look like old Dee fly.....I was think too.... this one very well tied your hand Tim !!

If any one wants to learn how tie a Dee, copy this one!!

Excellent, my friend!

Super sweet fly! You are talented man!
Nice, sleek, streamlines, "V" flat wings. What's not to like. You did yourself proud.

I dunt think you will have that one in the water too long brother, wicked good, great balance of sparseness and fullness, good fisher.

Great piece of tying

Very tasty, indeed!!! Great photos and tying, Tim!!!

Excellent step by step photos Tim! This is the type of post that really helps beginner & intermediate tyers like myself :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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