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so here it is in all its 3 inch hook glory, geez, did know what I was getting myself into... Im all out of usable Argus now at this size. Ill be doing doubles till Im out of these hook lol

Iron:3/0 +3/4" Harrison Bartleet Dee
Tag: Med french oval gold
Tail: red GP
Butt: O Herl
Body: (Rear) black floss / 7 turns med embossed flat
Body: (Front) Red seal / no tinsel
Hackle: Dub looped Rhea dyed black
Collar: Dub looped Rhea dyed Red
Wing: Argus
Cheeks: None

Head is a little beat up and the one slip on the right side of the fly is just twisted, like I said, busted up argus...


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