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Really enjoy the patterns here...
This Blue Herron hook is dressed as a shrimp, lost & cold (it's cold here!)

I need to keep it simple and sparse.
Thanks for the inspiration.

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Tim , I've always been a big fan of your work ... this one is awesome and very inspiring .
Sleek lines , full of colour - nicely blended by the way , sparse and beautifully simple ... outstanding my brother !!
I would fish this flee all day long ... I believe you will do well with this one on the waters that you fish :)
About a year ago , you mentioned that you wanted to work on cleaning up your heads ... from what I've seen you have accomplished that goal very well . Nice , tight and a well proportioned head ... very difficult to achieve when tying in hand !!

Well done lad :smokin:


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I think I've said many times but you are one of my favorite tiers, you create this Awesome vintage look with an amazing eye for color. All that said, this is my favorite that I've ever seen come from you. Beautiful!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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