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Today is spey day for me, and my focus is on the wing/throat/head transition. I want a vertical clean and crisp transition and a glossy and relativel small conical head.

I have chosen the Gold Riach, because it's a classic and because it calls for red spey cock hackle, which is behaving differently than the heron, but if stripped can still be almost single fibered in appearance. Also there is a fine bicoloured body with some elaborate ribbing, which I find nice to look at ;-)

Gold Riach:
AJ spey hook #1,5 black
Body: A few turns orange wool, about equivalent to one rib turn, the rest black wool
Rib: Flat medium gold tinsel and oval small gold tinsel wound normally and oval small silver tinsel wound contrary over hackle
Hackle: Red rooster schlappen from root of tail tied in spey wise with root end first
Throat: Teal stripped, two turns
Wing: Bronze mallard tied layered flat, following the curve of the hook and aligned with the end of body
Head: Laquered black thread

Knæk og bræk (danish for "break a leg")
;-) Søren
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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