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A chance to fish for BIG ATLANTICS!!

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Added on March 3: The interest for this offer has been high - if you are at all keen get back to me ASAP, while some slots still can be had.

I just have had a chat with the British outfitter that leases Kharlovka and Eastern Litza from the owner group I am a consultant to.

Surprisingly enough, as last year was a record one, spots remain. As we are keen to have the rivers fished I have pressed on to be allowed to offer friends a good discount. I DO NOT GET ANY COMMISSIONS so I feel OK about letting you guys knowing about it here.

If you are keen, please drop me an e-mail and I will let you know the terms. I have fished +20 weeks in the area and can get you realistic ideas of what to expect. This is an unique oppertunity to sample one of the World's best fishings for serioulsy big atlantics at a better than usual price.

In 2001 the biggest fish was 44 pounds, followed by one of 40 and no less than 16 exceeding 30 pounds. We are talking 2x5 miles of river and a maximum of 12 rods. The season's average weight for salmon was around 14 pounds, exlcuding grilse that make up about a third of the catch. Total number exceeded 1000.

For more details: www.northern-rivers.com

Atlantic Salmon Journal will run a feature article in the fall - very likely no more offers of this kind will come up for 2003. Rynda, the third of the Three Rivers, already is a dead man's shoes situation.

"Tight lines"


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