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"Browns Spey flies, 24th Jan 1891, R.B. Marston, Fishing Gazette

Body: Orange wool; about three or four turns of flat silver tinsel.
Hackle: Black heron, wound round the whole length of the body.
Wing: Mallard; long and flat." (excerpt from http://www.feathersfliesandphantoms.co.uk/spey_flies_49.html)

This version that I have tied today has evolved a bit:

Body: Orange UNI thread (orange silk floss would be my choice if I had had any)
Rib: Medium flat silver tinsel, followed by red silk floss and small oval silver tinsel wound over hackle
Hackle: Black Heron wound counterwise
Throat: Mallard flank (teal would be my choice if I had had any left)
Wing: Bronze mallard, layered

Tight lines ;-)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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