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Interested in a 9 wt switch for salmon fishing. I use a 14ft 9wt but a shorter rod would be useful. 10.5 to 11.0 foot is what I prefer. What are the choices? Using skagit heads all the time. Thank you for any suggestions.

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Loomis PRO 4X 11' 6" 9 wt. four piece

I have this rod and salmon was one of the reasons why I bought it. It works equally well Spey Casting and overhead. It will work with a broad variety of lines and I like it with 510 Skagits.

Other lines I've used:

Airflo 40+ Coldwater Salt, Extreme, Expert, and Sniper 9 wts.
Airflo Scandi 420 & 450
Airflo Delta II 7/8

This video is oriented to surf casting, but features this rod:

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