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7136 Sage

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Selling my excellent condition 7136-4Giiie sage with factory sock & tube.
This rod has seen very little time on the water and is in great condition. It is a killer rod and will make someone an awesome fishing stick.

I have been on the fence for some time about letting such a great rod go but now I have committed and am selling. Pictures to come by tomorrow.

$375 Shipped USA.

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I'll believe it when I see it buddy:saeek:
Ya ya I know I have teased about it in the passed but its on the block and staying tell someone grabs it.
Sage Rod

How does the action of this rod compare to the older Sage Brownie 7136?
Assessment....vxp or iiie?

I'll place a bid on the iiie....
How does the action of this rod compare to the older Sage Brownie 7136?
I have never cast the Giii 7136. But what i have been told and read I believe its a touch faster (still not a ultra fast rod though) and has quicker recovery.
I have both III and iiie. The III bends a bit deeper and feels a bit "lighter" in the hand. Like it with a delta 7/8...will put a 6/7 long or possibly a 7/8 long on it this year. The iiie is slightly faster, by no means fast...just doesn't bend quite as deep and as Poppy describes it..."has a bit more [email protected]"...which is just about the perfect description. The III is one I would carry and fish with a dry line only, but would be fine with reasonable tips. The iiiie would be perfect with a dry line and will handle tips better than the III. As for skagit...can't help you there. I fish delta's and up when I get a chance to be on the water. If I had to choose a III or a iiie for overall versatility, I'd grab my iiie. If I want to be on the water and am feeling nostalgic...I'd grab the III.

I'm surprised this rod is still available.
Another pic...


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Super nice rod................I have the 8136 Giiie or I'd be taking out a loan to buy this rod from Levi.

For those of you who may not have done business with Levi in the past...................he's standup, top notch.

I scored a 5126 Z axis from him a while back that is and was better than he described.

Someone buy this beautiful 7136.................:eek:
bump for a great rod...surprised this is still here. Looks darn near new.
I would be interested in trading for a sage esn 2 or 3wt if anyone has one of those?
Don't do it!!! Just fished the one I got last week, amazing rod with the nextcast 45 5/6!! Scored a big fish in about a dozen casts
Last one....
May I please purchase your 7136 GIIIe? I can PP immediately.
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