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7136 Line (with Tips)

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I have fished an older brown 7136 for years now, all year long. Have other rods but use this one almost exclusively cause its got soul.

Am using a Windcutter now.

The wealth of threads on lines/ splices/tips etc. has got me a little overwhelmed. I do have luck throwing the Type 6 that came with the line. Occasionally, I'll put on an Airflo Extra Super Fast sinking leader as well (super dredge- castable for me but almost too heavy to fish cause this rig is always hanging up).

I find getting down is mostly about line control and reading water.

Been thinking about changing to a longer bellied line to increase line control and somewhat eliminate "strip and shoot," but would like to be able to get this done in one line with multiple tips.

At the risk of starting a redundant thread, I'd like to ask if anyone has rec's on a versatile longer bellied line (or one that I can build) that will still throw a full floater, a clear intermediate and Type 3-6 tips (and the occasional sinking leader) with this rod.

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Depending on how long a line you want to throw, Rio makes the Midspey (around 65' head vs 54 for WC) and the Accelerator (around 85' head) They both come as multi-tip lines but if you already have the WC tips you might just get a floater (cheaper) and cut and splice in loops so you can use your existing tips.

I expect you could also get other lines such a traditional DT line and do the same thing.
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