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7136 and midspey

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Maybe someone can give me some advice. I have Sage 7136 (green blank) and have been using a RIO 6/7 midspey line on it. It has been casting ok, but It doesn't feel like the rod loads very well. I decided to experiment a little and borrowed a windcutter 7/8/9 and rod really casts like I thought it should. It loads up nice!!!

I know that they are different lines and you can't really compare them. I like the way the windcutter casts, but I like to fish with a midspey line length. One thought I had was to buy a windcutter 7/8/9 and then get a windcutter upgrade. I think this would increase the 54' head on the windcutter by 15' making it very close to the midspey. 65' head vs 69' head... pretty close

The other thought was just to go get a 7/8 midspey and hope that it would load the rod better. How big a difference would the 7/8 be over the 6/7 midspey?

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Doug, It was nice meeting you down on the Sandy River. I found that the 7/8 mid spey was a very good fit for the 7136. I tried the 8/9 and it was too heavy. I have used the 6/7 mid spey on the Dec Hogan 7 wt. and it cast very nice. The Dec Hogan is a softer rod. Jerry
Hey Jerry!!!

It was great meeting you at the Sandy too. Yea, it doesn't get much better than a bunch of diehard spey guys getting together does it. Thanks for the info on the midspey. BTW, have you started fishing for the summer steelhead yet? I think you were telling me that it was in the July timeframe?

I would shy away from the Windcutter upgrade for your 7136. If you like the way the 7/8/9 loads the rod then I would guess the WC upgrade will overload it. The toatl number of grains you add with the upgrade is substantial and in my opinion, would be too much for the rod.

If you feel the 6/7 Midspey is too light, I would go to the 7/8. Rio lists the 6/7 as the A designation and the 7/8 as the B. If the A is not giving you the rod load feel you want, the B should be a good fit.

I would recommend against the upgrade as well - the added weight will overload the rod. I fish a TT 8/9 spey on this rod, love it.
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