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another burkie combo up on the block. I really love this set-up but hard times have me cleaning out the man cave so I can fill up the fridge and keep the lights on.

7133-3 classic. not a dang thing wrong with this stick besides a light soiling on the cork. its about a year old but used vary sparingly and always taken care of. comes with sock and tube.

Hatch 9 pulse in blue. the nicest reel I have ever owned, it has one very small chip or ding on the handle, and some very light scuffs in the usual place on the body. as far as condition goes I would rate it 8 out of 10 (-1 for being taken out of the box -1 for the scuff and ping) I still have the blank warranty card, collectors tin, and neoprene pouch.

along with the rod and reel I will send along a 540 grain airflo skagit in used but very good conditon. (my favorite with this rod)
and a airflo 450 grain compact scandi that has never been removed from the box.

as well as backing and Rio running line.
PM me for pics

asking $1100.00 plus shipping / paypal preferred.
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