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This time we are returning to the Switch Cast...but doing it backwards.


Yup, you read it right. Backwards. Instead of making your delivery cast to the front of your position, you'll make it straight behind you.

Here's how it works:

1. On river right for the right handed caster, stand facing quartering downstream and allow the line to swing around and come to a stop below you.

2. Now, turn to your left so that you are facing directly upstream. You rod tip should be pointing quartering downstream.

3. Think carefully about what motions you go through when you make a Switch Cast--rod tip low and facing the end of the line to start; no slack in the line; smooth slow lift to 11 o'clock; smooth acceleration "eyes to ears" to form the D loop; forward cast "ears to eyes" to form a tight loop.

4. Make a Switch Cast in reverse, so that the direction you're facing (upstream) is where the D loop will form. You will find that looking over your right shoulder as you go through the cast in reverse will be very helpful.

Just as learning to cast off your non-dominant shoulder helps you to understand the essence of the cast, casting backwards forces you to think through the cast again, and to stop relying on years of bad habits and muscle memory. Thus you "learn to cast again" and are put in touch with the fundamentals that make for good casting.

This isn't easy. Most people take several weeks of regular practice to make this work, and months to make it work well. Don't despair, and don't give up if you find it rough going. Think through the cast, then think through it backwards, then work on each step of the cast just as you did when you were first learning to cast "normally."
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