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$500 to spend

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Advice: if you had $500 to spend on an 8 weight rod for Great Lakes steelhead and salmon in rivers ranging from roughly 60-300 ft wide, what would you buy? Say 90% swinging, 10% nymphing. Or maybe swinging all the time...

Open to all ideas from full spey to switch, new or used, to building my own (though I've never done that before)... Just want the most for the $$.
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Wait for the echo glass spey rods to come out. They run at 300$ and look like they are going to be a Big Bang for your buck. They will be out in January. I got the 7wt on pre order by my local shop already. There are many options out there in the 250$-500$ range. Redington and echo rods would give you the bang for buck.

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