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5/6 Wt Switch Rod

I am heading to CA at the end of April for a business trip. I'm hiring a guide for one day to fish in the surf. The guide's preferred setup is a 5wt 11' switch rod thrown overhand with a shooting head. I don't have this setup and I've wanted to add a switch/short spey rod to my collection in the 5/6 wt range so this is a perfect opportunity to do so (as opposed to just using his gear). I am going to build this rod so my choices are limited to those available as a blank. Once this trip is over the rod will be used mostly for spey type casts not overhead and mostly out of a boat in the fresh or saltwater. Here are my thoughts:
- I have a couple of Rainshadow 8wt switch rods which seem kind of soft for overhead work so I've rules this out in a 5/6wt
- I have an Angler's Roost 12' 7/8 UHM spey which I really like for spey cast, not sure if the UHM line in shorter length is good for overhead.
- Used a friend Beulah 11'(ish) 8/9 switch which is great overhead but too stiff for my liking for spey casts. Their blanks are also at the upper limit of my price range.
Given the above what would you build? UMH, Beulah, Meiser, something else?

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