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Dr. Way Yin and Steve Choate have confirmed for "our" next charity clinic for the first weekend in March (5-6th). Also looks like we'll have up to three other top-notch spey casters to assist the group. (Too Cool!)

More info to come ASAP, but the cost (and this INCLUDES your significant other) is $375 for the weekend. This will include the 'clinic,' as well as the group dinners on Friday and Saturday evening (yes, we expect a lot of you for dinner on Sunday, etc.) plus beach lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

As this is intended (as in the past years) to be an 'intensive' one on one with the instructors the class is limited to 10-12 folks on the beach. What that means is you have all the time you need (not to mention a raft of different rods/lines) to practice with during the weekend.

Better yet, is this is the peak of our winter steelhead season here on the upper Rogue. We're more than ready to host folks who want to come early/late for fishing time on the river.

As "usual" don't forget to bring a bottle of good single malt for the dinner parties. :D

Steve and Way? Musto over the past few years: always in the top 5, assuming they didn't win. Tooooo Cool.

So where does the after cost funding go? (Steve and Way donate there time, we pay their hard costs) To youth 503c's that promote fishing across the United States. In the past you've donated well over $5,000 to organizations as diverse as school districts to Cornell University, to building fishing piers, and the wonderful women's group Casting for Recovery.

Because of the way we set this up, the registration fee has (in the past) always been tax deductible.

Where to stay? Two options. We have a three bedroom home and a 'two bedroom' Motor home for folks to cut their costs. Within a couple of blocks is a good 'Super 8' at about $60 per night. (We work with them for a 'group rate' but need to know who/how many).

Mark your cal's AND E MAIL ME at [email protected] No kidding, the registration is limited. Worth the time? Ask anyone whose been to earlier events. Just don't ask Way about his casting 'demo' with what he didn't know was a full bottle of beer. :saeek:
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