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This past October I bought the 50lb. test size to use with my 13' 7wt. Echo rod and 540 grain Skagit compact head. This was my first experience using a mono running line. The 50lb. size is still smaller in diameter than the Airflo Ridge 30lb. running line I was using and I wanted to be able to feel and grip the mono.

I don't know what the 40lb. OPST would feel like but I'm glad I got the 50lb.
After about 40 days on the river it has performed great for me with no kinking and shoots like a dream.

My one problem/complaint with it concerns trying to tie a Triple surgeons loop that they recommend using for attaching to your backing at the rear and your Skagit head at the front. I couldn't get the knot small enough for my liking so I just made a loop and secured it with 2 nail knots using 15lb. Maxima.
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