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-SOLD-Here is a 4" wide 1930's perfect style Farlow.
This reel is stamped by Farlow & co & also has the holdfast logo.
It has a full unfiled reel foot with serial no.All three pieces are stamped with matching no.3
It has a Ernoid handle in very good shape.
The gear and pawl are in great shape and this reel has a strong drag with an awesome growl.
This reel also has a butter fly spring washer that keeps this reel tight at all times.
There is a hairline crack that was repaired and is very difficult to see on the palming side frame at about 11:57 and the the frame palming edge was rubbed with some polish or grey paint.These repairs do not effect the reels performance it works awesome and is a very tight reel.
If you are looking for an inexpensive classic perfect style reel to fish this is it.This is a very solid reel that oozes mojo & will fish for another 80 yrs easy.
$Sold-- shipped.
PM me if interested.


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I'm a little late on this, but for future reference, what is the weight of the reel in oz (if you know)?
That is a Farlow in my avatar BTW!

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That'd been perfect on my C. Farlow greenheart. Asleep at the wheel! Enjoy that growl!
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