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--SOLD ---Here is a 4" Malloch(some say Heaton) Perfect style reel.
Circa 1910.

patent adjustable drag reel
These are beautiful reels and also my favorite perfect style reels.
I own several of these reels and this one is getting lonely.
It is in very good shape with a beautiful 100+ yr old patina.
The gear & pawl is tuned evenly left or right and I have used it as a lefty.
Some of the malloch perfect reels with bowtie drags are designed only to work right handed but this will engage evenly left /right due to its drag washer design. This drag when engaged causes the pressure when reeling in to be equal to outgoing. I just set it lightly or back it off as it's not needed due to the double drag system.I just use the gear & pawl and my palm.
It weighs 15.5 oz empty
4 inch Diameter
2 1/4 inch wide
Fantastic sound.
Very Beautiful/comfortable large handle
full reel foot
These are quite rare and I am yet to run into someone fishing one.
- Paypal
PM me if you are interested.


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I have this same reel mounted on my 11' spliced boo rod and it is fantastic. I don't usually engage the drag system but it works really well and is quite an feat of engineering for its time. This reel is in such great condition too...I wish mine still had that much leading on it! If I had the cash right now I would buy it for sure.
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