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Hello friends :)

Not using this beauty, so it's time for it to move on to a better home.

This one is special, it's #010. - SOLD
First run of Williams reels. It is in excellent condition, no scrapes, no dings, no rash at all. You can say it's like new. Currently, it is set for RHW and can be switched over by flipping the inner pawl.

It will come loaded with #30 backing and a running line, all set for shooting heads up to a Nextcast 9/10 WA-55. Or you can remove the running line and put a full line on it.
The running line is a Snowbee Hi-Vis, my favorite, but I can switch it out to an Airflow #30 - Orange) if you like.
It weighs 14.995 ounces with the backing and running line on it. I used it on my 13ft 6/7/8 Highlander, 14ft 6/7 MKS and it also balanced my 14ft 7/8/9 Highlander well. I never tried it on my 15ft 8/9/10 Highlander, but would have probably worked to.

The reel is all black, is over standard wide, nickel silver counter balance, retaining center pin, reel badges, handle washer, handle shaft and handle screw.
It is a Gear & Pawl, is super smooth and has a clicker upgrade that William installed for larger fish, which came in very handy for Atlantic Salmon on the Margaree :cool: It has an exposed backplate for added palming and a reel foot that can accommodate modern reel seats. Plus, you won't have to wait 5-1/2 years to get it.

Price includes shipping (tracked) and insurance within CANADA or the CONUS.
CANADIANS can do e-transfer and US friends is PayPal only.

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