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I have 4 Metz Capes (necks) and 1 Metz Hen Saddle for sale. These are all hackles I bought a some years ago and never used. They just sat in a drawer and its time they went to someone who'll use them.

These are all full capes and saddles, not the 1/2 capes or saddles you sometimes see now.

Prices are given below plus $3 each for postage to the lower 48. PayPal only please and I'll pay their fees.

PM if interested.


Metz #2 Cream Cape plus Large White Hen Saddle
Price $25 for both.

Metz #2 Dun Cape
Price SOLD

Metz #1 Black Cape
Price SOLD

Metz #1 Barred Cream Cape
Price SOLD

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