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31st Annual Martha's Vineyard Fly Rod Striped Bass Catch & Release Tournament

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I'm still recovering from the Tournament which started Saturday at 7pm and ended at 2am on Sunday. I would call it a howling success except there was little success and a great deal of howling as it blew and poured all night. Our team of four fished the famous Dog Fish Bar and only caught four bass. I used every bit of the fierce tailwind on my spey rod to get out to rolling and splashing hickory shad and stripers to catch the first two of the night. We needed three stripers each to be in competition but it was not to be. The MV Rod and Gun Club puts on a great Tournament that is founded on C&R instead of slaughter.

Here are a couple of shots from our scouting in the days before the Tournament. The Vineyard is a gem before the tourist season gets under way.

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Thanks for this post. Makes me miss the Vineyard. My wife and I spent time there for a bunch of years every September, at a place on a hill overlooking Lobsterville Beach. I always had rods ready on the porch. If I saw some action on the beach, birds working, etc; I could grab a rod and run down to the action. Plus I would always go out on dawn patrol which usually resulted in some fish action.
Glad to take you down memory lane. Come to the next Tournament the first weekend in June 2024. Despite the weather, a fun time was had by all this year. Bring your double handed rod and catch the bass the single handers can't reach.

I may have been the only one with a spey rod. It might be fun to put together a four person spey team for next year.
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