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Spring Cleaning---

5/8" shaft, 3 1/4"
One A type with polymer oar sleeve (left). This one was my spare. Other 2 heavier duty Sawyer oar locks. They don't make anymore. All have 1 5/8" opening for oar. They were $60 each when I bought them new, the spare was $40 plus for the clips and sleeves. Used Twice. Spare never used. I bought new oars from someone else that came with oarlocks, kept these in case I lost one.

$65 cash for all three, Paypal + you pay fee, I also have Square, so you can use Credit card. Less than 1/2 retail, so I won't play games with flakes. First one with $$ gets it. I can mail to long distance people, you pay postage ~$5 unless you want overnight or 2 day. prefer FTF in/near Salem Oregon. I will remove when cash in hand. Prefer US only, Canadians we will need to discuss shipping, last two things I shipped to Canada were a PITA.

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