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3 oldies

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Hey all. Have not been tying a lot lately but I have been finding pockets of time here and there. Still coming here to check out what everyone has been tying tho, always a kick in the butt to sit down at the vise!
Anyways here are 3 patterns that I have liked since first seeing them. They all sort of share a shape, length of hackles and a certain flow that I really dig on.

Drum Sunset on a 3/0 Partridge Kirby

Black Dog on a 2/0 HE2 (the pattern was taken from a photo of a vintage P.D. Malloch Fly on FF&P which I just though looked so good)

Millais also on a 2/0 HE2 This is kind of my interpretation of this P.D. Malloch pattern also taken from Flies, Feathers and Phantoms)

Cheers and tight lines.
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Nice work James!! Hope all is well brotha!!

Nice set

Three beauties !!
The Drum Sunset looks to be a fish catcher , I'll be tying a couple of those for sure .
Very nice work :)

Cheers Fellas!

Scott. All is well brother, all is well. Back in the PDX in feb, we should have a brew.

Mike. I totally agree, I think the drum and the dog are fishers for sure... the other just caught my eye so much that I had to give it a go!

Nice set of flies. The long hackles are where it's at for me.
Right on James. Keep me posted, would be great to see ya. Maybe even wet a line.

On that note, grabbed a nice native hen on the D with the boo this year. Was a great feeling.

Hi James,

Another beautiful set!:smokin: I hope they bring you chrome!:lildevl:

Take care,

James.....excellent tied those flies !!!
I'm a Wayne friend...we talk about your cane rods and pictures !!
Keep it up great works(rod,flies)

Those are beauties!! The bright one on the bottom calls out winter steel to me!!

Todd, you're just saying that cuz' it reminds you of foam :p just in jest, my friends:hihi:

I dig the drum (to be honest, I've hesitated tying any of the Drum series just because they didn't seem to catch my fancy, but yours looks superb and it has changed my mind)

Cheers, Mr Reid!

Cheers fellas!
You guys are too good!

Scoot, great news about the D! What a beautiful river.

Jin. Which Wayne?
Cheers fellas!
You guys are too good!

Scoot, great news about the D! What a beautiful river.

Jin. Which Wayne?
Oh.....he's live in Mississauga .Ontario.Canada...Cane rods maker !!

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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