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Hello all,

After working hard for 4 years I finally had a positive cash flow in my Mango business. I got excited and decided to gift myself something small.

I purchased a 2wt 4pc 10 ft blank off a online classifieds and built a 2 hand rod. The blank seems to be thicker close to the butt section. It came with an extra tip.

I tried to use a 175 gr OPST with a 10ft intermediate sinking tip and 4ft Tippett. It didn't load well on a 2 hand style cast.

When I cast with a single hand style, my double haul with a single false cast, shoots out to a 40-50ft distance.

Kindly suggest what kind of set up should I use, tip, Tippett etc.

Thanks in advance.

Mango Man

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A 175g might be a bit heavy for a 2wt once you add a tip. I forget what the tips weight but 175 + ~75(tip?) puts you in the 250 range. More of a 3/4wt area. Try a poly leader on it for a test.



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