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2016 Spey Nation Friday Film Night.

Spey Nation is looking for all film makers: professional, amateur, in between hybrids, and GoPro Heroes to submit short films, long films, and fishing motion picture selfies to the team at Spey Nation for our first ever:
Super Colossal Spectacular Double Fisted Swingers Friday Night Moving Picture Debacle! This will kick off our 2016 festivities. http://speynation.com/2016-film-night/ for details.

The top submissions will be screened at the Tailwater Lodge in Altmar, NY the night before the 2016 Spey Nation event, with the date to be determined in the summer of 2016. We’re looking for videos that capture the essence of Spey Nation not necessarily the best edited or fishing footage.

All submitted films should feature at least 90% of footage fishing with a 2 handed rod, spey or switch rods eligible, or be about swinging flies. Videos that show bobbers, strike indicators, split shot, nymphs or egg patterns will not be considered and the film makers will be verbally mocked.

This film night is for medicinal and entertainment purposes only. There will be no cash awards for films submitted, admission to the viewing will be free, and will kick off the festivities for our ninth Spey Nation Weekend in the summer of 2016.

All submitted films must be received by April 1st, 2016
Submissions don’t have to be coded in HD however please know that we are going to be showing this on a screen in a large room so the format should be in high enough resolution to look good on screen. 720p should be sufficient.
Videos can be submitted either through Dropbox or contact [email protected] for an address to send a hard copy.
Submissions may have sponsorship logos and credits at the end of the films limited to 20 seconds of rolling footage.
Submissions may not contain illegal or unethical footage. All fish in the videos must have been caught and released and no footage shall be shown that brings obvious harm to a fish including the flopping of fish around the rocks during landing efforts and collection of photographs…edit that out accordingly.
All submissions should be submitted with the assumption that Spey Nation will be using this footage in promotional material, on social media and on www.speynation.com , and all other appropriate forms of advertising pre and post show.
Previously unreleased footage will be granted special consideration.
All submissions shall include full credits, contact information, and credentials for each film, including duty free music ownership rights.
Film Makers will receive exposure in promotional materials, on social media, and www.speynation.com. They will also receive exposure wherever else we feel appropriate.
No “How to, Instructional, Lodge/Guide/Outfitter Service Promotion” films will be considered unless they are super awesome.
Now get out there and have some fun with this.
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