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Since you are trying to sell your boat, you might want to at least take the time to post more than a URl. Otherwise people might think you are just taking advantage of our hospitality.

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2004 Low Profile LH Signature Series W/Motor this boat can be set up four different ways to fish, before fishing. 1. Plugging- from the front of the boat with two riders up front on the bench running four rods out the front. 2. Trolling- upstream and down for Walleyes and Kings also four rods out the back of the boat. 3. Fly-fishing- two riders front and rear both w/leg braces. 4. Center Pinning- removing front and rear seats w/the walk around row seat left in w/lots of room to walk through the boat w/the floor insert in the boat. I'm sure there are many different ways to set this boat up with all the different options that this boat comes with. But I'll leave that up to you. These are the ways I use the boat and options. You’re not going to believe all that come with this boat, too many things to list. The only thing this boat does not come with is a boat cover, as I stored it in my garage.

Options and Accessories: all included
BF-5A Honda Four Stroke Motor, (2001) W/Skeg protector.
G4 bottom
Bow Storage
Built-in Rod Store System
Front Pedestal Assembly
Tempress Cushion Hyde Logo
Front Storage Bench
Tempress Seat Quick Disconnect
Floor Leveling Inserts
Walk Around Rower Box Assembly
Power Anchor
Low Back Rowers Seat 6"
Stern Bench
Floor Anchor Assem
Bow Anchor Arm
Lead Pyramid Anchor, (2 Anchors) 30 lbs-60 lbs
EZ Pull Anchor Assembly
Hyde Standard Foot Brace
Rear Casting Brace Assembly Single Leg
9.5' Cataract CB Oar Assembly
Oar Rights
Rod Holder Assembly, (Six Bases and Four Rod Holders)
Boat Pump, (hand billage pump)
Hyde Motor Mount
Deluxe Drift Boat Trailer, (Galvanized Trailer Upgrade)
Trailer Anchor Nest, (Two Nests)
Tongue Jack Stand

Asking: $ 8,995.00 O.B.O. truly this is a steal w/all the options
Please Call me for any info need on this boat….616-291-8820 (Bob)
Or Email me for pictures….. [email protected]
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