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Well I hope all of you attendees had a great time at the last clave we had back in spring of 2003. What a great turnout. I met some great people and had a blast. I am sure many of you learned alot and had a great expirence. The help from the 3 flyshops and the many sponsers(including Simon at Rio) made a big difference in how well the clave went. Again a thanks to all the members on the board that helped with the event.

It is time to start planning next year's clave for 2004. I have recieved several emails from clavers and others who are intersted and want to know if I am hosting another one. The answer is "YES". I have spoken to many flyshops already who will be sponsering the event, and a few dealers such as Rio, and Sage. I am planning on having some great casters attend as well, and also do some flycasting demos like last year. It should be a great event as well. Of course we will have the barbecue again, maybe we can get MJYP back on the grill...he cooks some mean brauts.

The date will be sometime in May probably. We are still looking into dates and I am consulting sponsers/casters with a lineup. The location will be on the Musekgon River once again. A felllow claver, Doug Taylor will be looking into a campsite area in White Cloud, not too far away from the river. Also, it will be a Saturday-Sunday event, with claving and possibly fishing. I don't know about you, but claving is just half of the event....why would I own spey rods if I didn't fish with them. The Muskegon gets a good run of steelhead in the spring, one of the best in the Midwest. Should be prime time for steelhead when the clave is on.

Please pass the word on. Right now I am in the process of making a web page for the clave and trying to make a flyer as well. I have been spreading the word as well.

This year, I plan on having a fee/donation so that we can get some items for the auction and raffle and to donate to the site. I sent $65 from last years clave to the site, waiting to hear if Juro ever recieved it!!! Well clave it up.

PM me or email me for questions. :D :D
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