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2003 Rio Spey Line Info

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I haven't had time to look over a lot of the 2003 Rio Spey Line recommendations. Info.

However, their recommendations for the Sage 7141 are interesting with the new guide unless there is a mistake.

They have lightened their line recommendations to be exactly the same as the 7136. Last year's recommendations seemed to treat the 7141 like a very sturdy 8 weight. Those recommendations are now gone.

Last December while I was thinking of buying a 7141, our fly club had the local Sage Rep at our annual pre Christmas Dream show at our local shop. He highly recommended the 7141 for steelhead fishing in Kali and Oregon up to the Deschutes.

I asked him if my WC 678 and Mid Spey 6/7 floating lines might work with the Sage 7141.

His answer, was to try both lines. If they worked for me, then don't buy what was recommended.

I tried the WC 678 with tips and the Mid Spey 6/7 floating line with my new 7141 and they worked great. I did buy the WC Upgrade and it works well with the floating line and makes the WC into basically an Accelerator. However, as noted by many posters here, don't use the upgrade with your sinking tips. It works great with the Lumilux intermediate tip. That tip becomes a 15 slightly sinking leader. Just attach a couple of feet of tippet and you have a great combination.

It is too bad that Rio has decided not to make a Grand Spey for the Sage 7141. This has eliminated one of the most powerful and popular rods from being able to use a Grand Spey. Seems like a really dumb marketing move to me. Like the companies who only make shoes that fit regular feet and never make shoes that fit narrow or wide feet!
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IF you study Simon's recommendateions, they don't even make a Grand Spey for 8 wt. I believe thatwith only two exceptions, only 9 wts and above are recommended for these lines The exceptions have a 8/9 ratings or 8/9/10. Since I don't fish an 11 wt, I have concluded that I only need one line of this series to cover my 9 and 10 wts.
Nevada Caster

Since they don't make a Grand Spey line for the 7141, and I just last month bought an Accelerator 9/10 for my 10151, I will not be buying any Grand Spey lines.

Later if I can try a Delta 7/8 on a loan from a nice shop, and it really works in a great way for my 7141. I will buy one and a new reel for my 7141. Mark Bachman recommends that Delta line for the 7141.
Grampa Spey,

Why not use the Wincutter Upgrade with wink tips? I use it with sink tips all the time. Never had a problem with casting the extra belly length nor with picking up the sink tips. In fact, I never fish the standard Windcutter anymore unless I wish to throw a full 26 or 30 foot sinking head with it, then I use the standard Windcutter length.

Have you tried the RIO MidSpey 7/8 with your 7141? Also, I understand that the GrandSpey in 10/11 and 9/10 will be followed by an 8/9 version for next summer. If this is error Simon please correct me.
flytyer re your reply


I'm fairly new at this Spey Game. What do you mean by wink tips, and are you using a 7141 with the upgrade?

No, I have never used the Midspey 7/8 with my 7141.

That was the main point of my message here. The local Sage rep told me to try my Midspey 6/7 with my new 7141 before I went to the next higher size as recommended by Rio in 2002. For dry flies, skating flies and when used with a Boles Indicator the Midspey 6/7 works great with my 7141.

The only time I have a problem is when there are some really strong winds ripping upstream. When that happens I go to the WC 678 with the upgrade and use the floating tip. If that doesn't work I remove the upgrade and attach the floating tip to the main line. That has worked until two weeks ago on the lower Rogue. The wind upstream even in the morning must have been between 35 to 40 MPH. My little 7141 for the first time could not handle the winds with my limited skills.

I went to my 10151 and removed the middle link of the 9/10 Accelerator as per Simon's recommendation and attached the floating tip. That enabled me to get out 50 to 60'. The salmon and steelhead were striking and rolling at 70' to 90'. At least I was getting close to them.

Now with the 2003 Rio Spey Line Info, Rio is now recommending the Midspey 6/7 for A casting/casters. Last year the Midspey 6/7 was not recommended for the 7141 in their 2002 recommendations. Rio has the same line recommendations for the 7141 and the 7136 in 2003.

Thanks and again, what are wink tips?
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Grandpa, substitute "with sink" for "wink". I swear computers have a mind of their own
Grandpa Spey,

Nevada Caster has it right. It should have read sink tip, not 'wink tip'. Nothing like a typo to confuse a person, sorry.

The problem in the wind is two fold: One is the need to have a tight loop without creating a tailing loop; The second is the size and bushyness of fly you are casting and the length of the leader you are using. The tight loop comes with practice and increased spey casting skill. The size of fly and lengthof leader are a different problem entirely.

The larger the fly, the bigger line size rod you should use to make thelonger casts, especially in the wind. Likewise, when the wind is up, you should use a shorter leader because the leader is easily blown about by the wind and it can adversly effect you casting loop. This is one of the big reasons that I use an 8/9 spey rod in summer. The wind has far less effect on it.

With practice, you should be able to cast the 15 footer 70 or 80 feet in the wind. The leader length has to be watched though. I keep my leader to less than 12 feet in wind. In fact, I prefer 10 feet or thereabouts.
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flytyer re casting with the wind.

Thanks for your feedback. I learned very quickly on that very windy day to put my 7141 in my Bronco and get the heavier and long 10151 out to cast.

I kept a fairly long leader on the line, and the next time I will shorten it like you recommended.

In addition to the great feedback above, nothing tames the wind like a Windcutter or a compact custom Spey head config. More stripping, yes - but that's a small consolation for being able to work the water effectively where long lines would flail. (typo intended) ;)
Juro re wind and Windcutters

Thanks for your reply.

I guess that is why Jim Vincent named this version of his Spey Lines, the Windcutter.:)

Also, I have learned the hard way to get rid of the mid section of the WC and attach the fishing tip directly to the main shooting line. This may be even more important with the Accelerator Line with severe wind. Even the lifting and stroking power of the Sage Euro 10151 can't overcome the wind with all of the sections attached.

Thanks Juro!:
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