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e mail address for follow up on the clinic.

To: [email protected]
Subject: clinic email addresses


thanks for all your and joan's hospitality for the clinic. i've been
struggling to catch up at work. it was a tiring, but very rewarding
experience. i thought the level of improvement in the attendees was fantastic, more improvement overall than i have seen in any other clinic we have done! the dinner saturday night was fantastic. thanks

Way's CORRECT E MAIL ADDRESS (dummy here posted his business one ... sheesh) is:

[email protected]

i was wondering if you could give me the email addresses for all the attendees, so i can send out a feedback form; alternatively, everyone's mailing address would be great.

thanks again! looking forward to it next year.


I've already sent Way your street address, but a follow up with your e mail address would be helpful. Please "cc" me with your e mail address.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Like his last line the very best: "looking forward to it next year."
Very Cool!!!

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