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2001 Sage Euro rod versus 2002 Sage Euro Rod

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Are there any major or significant differences between the Sage Euro 10151 rods made in 2001 versus the 2002 Sage Euro 10151 rods?

Are they basically the same rods with some cosmetic changes?

I have an opportunity to get the 2001 rod at a good price.
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The brown (dark) blank I think was from inception to 1999 then green then 2002 back to brownish green. The first generation where great casting tools but tended to break in the butt section right below the ferrule. Sage fixed many of these. It is my understanding they modified the manner in which they wrap the fiber and that fixed the issue. Do they cast as well? I notice a difference Others swear there is a greater difference than I notice (we also have a great difference in our casting abilities). Either way it is a great rod and if it breaks Sage will take care of fixing it. Their warrantee and repair departments are first rate and return rods rapidly.

You can find out what year the rod was built by checking the serial number and asking Sage.

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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