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hey guys.

here is this week flies for the fishing box, i should get to try them out on a small summer river this week coming up. first i did a black prince. i used oval tinsel instead of flat (i realized it called for flat after i tied the body.) the body veiling are ring neck pheasant. there is 5 topping in the win. i saw a black prince on FB last week, i belive ryan tied it. i tried to copy the wing/tail part of it. im not to happy with it but i dont think it all that bad either. the second fly i did was the chatterer ha.. that was interesting. i used cotinga..... for the cheeks hehe. the rest is all sub, blue hen for the body, ryan IC sub for wing. there 5 toppings in the wing as well. i really want to see this fly swim, idont think i did the body the proper way but what the hell it was fun to tie. all critiques comments are more then welcomed. there both done on size 4. what do you classic swingers think? they will fish?

the fly hanging on the reel is a vintage fly i got last year. i really like it not to sure what it is. seems to be built very well though.

thanks for looking hope all is well



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You did good Kevin. Don't know if you know this or not, but Kelson and Traherne tied and fished the Boyne series flies (Black Prince, Blue Boyne, Red Pirate, etc.) on rather small hooks. Kelson specified hooks of 1/2" to 3/4" from bend to eye (or end of shank) as the proper hook to use on them. This corresponds to #8-#10 hook today. And yes, I know how very hard it is to tie these flies on such small hooks. I know from experience they work well in bright sun in low-water late summer/early fall steelhead fishing.
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