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Im back to the saltwater fishing now, trying to throw Big herring flies for spring stripers. Iv'e been reading about rio's new up and coming line to be used for this purpose. Trying to find something that works without buying another 150$ line.
I have a TFO 14' 9wt and use a 8910 windcutter line. For overhead casting, the middle section with it's extra joint is a hassle so i generally omit it. The 8910 windcutter comes with 9wt tips, and thats what i have been using. Head length for this setup is 38', about right for what i am doing. I can cast, retrieve till i see the tip, and shoot again using one false cast.
Has anyone tried this type of setup, but with a heavier tip? Seems like a 10wt tip (or bigger?) would transition to the heavy main line well.
I tried this using a 12 wt tip and it loads up fast, but the loop gets crazy if too much power is applied or if the wind is blowing. I would like to try the 12 wt again with a bigger fly.

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