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Pacific Angler is pleased to announce a 2 day Spey casting course with Chris Sepio.
There is no substitute for being on the water and Chris will take you to the Harrison River where he will unlock the secrets of successful Spey casting with 2 days of on the water training. Chris will be covering all the major casts for river right and river left.
Chris will be teaching using the Airflo Delta line designed by Tim Rajeff and Dec Hogan. These lines have a head length of 50 feet so if you want to learn how to cast a slightly longer line or can Skagit cast and want to get into the longer lines, you don’t want to miss out on this class. If you have never spey cast before have no fear, you will be casting at the end of these two days!
We will meet at Kilby Boat Launch on the Harrison River 9:00 am on Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12 where we will use a jet boat to access the best gravel bars for casting.
If you don’t have a Spey set up or want to try some of the great G. Loomis rods and Airflo lines, no problem. We will set you up with a rod for the course.

Dates: 9-5 Saturday, April 11th and 9-5 Sunday, April 12th
Location: meet at Kilby Park Boat Launch on the Harrison River
Cost: $295


To sign up please call Pacific Angler 604-872-2204 ASAP as this course is nearly full.

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Here is Chris’ Angling Profile:

Chris is a certified Master Caster with the Federation of Fly Fishers and does numerous guest speaking engagements and over 30 fly fishing schools each year. As the Owner/Operator of CPO Agency Sales & Marketing, he represents some of the finest products in the fly-fishing industry.
Chris has fished in Iceland, Alaska, Cuba, Mexico, Florida, Hawaii, the South Pacific and Europe. He was a fishing guide for over 8 years and has caught virtually every species of fish on the fly in Canada. His wide range of knowledge on the technical elements of the sport and his ability to implement them has resulted in several invitations to be part of the Canadian Fly Fishing Team and represent Canada at the World Games.
In the mid 1990's Tournament Casting he won 1st in several regional tours while ranking 1st for distance casting in Canada and 4th overall in North America. Chris has broken over 10 IGFA world records and has been invited for numerous TV appearances. He has participated in a G. Loomis World Meeting where his expertise was required for input on new rod designs. Chris is Canada's top casting expert and can be seen performing casting demonstrations across Canada and the United States. He has also been a full-time contributor to Fly Fusion magazine for the past two years and is a partner in Double Haul Productions (www.doublehaul.com), a video production company featuring adventure fishing and travel.

Chris is unique as an instructor because he is humble and realizes that there is so much more to learn and see, if only there were enough time.
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